TracTive Yaris GR ACE Touring Line Active Suspension

We are proud to offer the newly released TracTive ACE (Active Controlled Electronic) damper kit for the Yaris GR. Not only can we offer the standard TracTive kit, we can also offer this as an upgrade path for anyone who has already fitted the String Theory Garage height adjustable spring kit to their Yaris, as the STG springs are a direct fit.


TracTive ACE technology (Active Controlled Electronic) creates the ability to have a compliant, forgiving and comfortable car for daily driving whilst, with the push of a button on the touchscreen control panel, the vehicle can be instantly transformed to be active and responsive with more body control for fast road and track use. This change is possible due to the patented TracTive Dynamic Damping Adjustment (DDA) Valve, which can initialise a large damping adjustment range instantaneously once a change is keyed in on the touchscreen.


Front and rear dampers are seperately adjustable, and the touchscreen allows you to make adjustments based on whether you want more or less pitch, roll or stiffness for each axle. 5 manually configured presets can also be stored and selected within the touchscreen control panel.


The touchscreen can be mounted anywhere, however the recommended position is in the cubby-hole behind the handbrake, as shown in the images above.


The front dampers have an adjustable lower bracket which allows 5 seperate amounts of camber to be dialled in, achieving up to 3 degrees of negative camber. Designed to work with standard OEM top mounts, these are a straight fit. The ride height can be reduced by up to 30mm over stock. The dampers have been designed with 25mm of additional bump travel compared to the standard shocks, vastly reducing instances of bump-stop contact, which was one compromise of running the OEM dampers at a lower ride height. The TracTive front springs are 15% stiffer than OEM.


The rear dampers are not a true coilver, instead the spring sits on an adjustable perch in its original location. The ride height can be reduced by up to 30mm over stock, and the TracTive springs are 20% stiffer than OEM.


During the development of these damper kits, TracTive came to us to ask whether they could use our springs, to which obviously we said yes to! Now in their full production spec, we can offer this damper kit supplied with the TracTive springs (manufactured by Eibach) or no springs, to allow you to use your existing String Theory springs with this kit, as per the pictures above.


TracTive have made their name with their ACE Touring Line suspension kits in the Porsche world, where we have experienced first hand the impressiveness of the damping and the instant ability to adjust it. Taking their experience from their Porsche applications and bringing it to the GR Yaris platform means this is a very exciting product.

TracTive Yaris GR ACE Touring Line Active Suspension

PriceFrom £3,995.00