String theory 718 Spyder/GT4  Chassis setup

We are now offering our stage 1 handling package for the Porsche 718 (spyder/GT4).
The Stage 1 setup is aimed at those who are looking to extract the most from their standard 718 chassis. This setup uses the cars standard equipment and adjusts it to provide a more focused driving experience whilst retaining the compliance of the standard car.


  • Full Geometry and Alignment
  • Rear Anti-roll bar adjustment
  • Front Aero adjustment
  • Ride height adjuistment


Stage 1+ setup included all of the above but also includes


  • Cornerweighting

Stage 2 takes our stage 1+ setup further and adds 

  • Shims
  • String Theory Garage Cup style Toe arms (available separately for £405inc Vat)


We will ensure an even weight distrubution across the diagonals of the car, taking into account the drivers weight to deliver a perfectly balanced 718 back to you. 


String theory 718 Spyder/GT4 Chassis setup

PriceFrom £360.00