STG Yaris GR 21.5mm Bolt-on Spacers

Set of 4 String Theory Garage bolt on aluminium wheel spacers for the GR Yaris. These are 21.5mm thick. We tried running readily available 20mm bolt on spacers but the OE studs touched the back of the OE wheel and damaged it. Hence, we have had our own 21.5mm spacers manufactured in the UK which gives enough depth for the OE wheel studs to clear the back of the standard wheels.



5x114.3 PCD, 60.1mm centre bore. Anodized satin black, comes with nuts to attach spacers to studs. Made from billet 6082 Aluminimum in the UK.


If you are running aftermarket wheels, you need to consider the depth of the cutouts (if any) in the back of the wheels to allow clearance for the standard studs, to know whether or not these spacers will work. At a minimum the depth of the cut-outs needs to be 3mm.


If you are unsure please get in touch and we will happily advise.

STG Yaris GR 21.5mm Bolt-on Spacers