ITG Maxogen Cold Air Induction Kit

ITG's latest development for the GR Yaris is their Maxogen cold-air induction kit. 


The kit consists of a 3d printed intake scoop, an aluminium airbox (very similar to those ITG supply to the Honda BTCC cars) fitted with a foam filter inside, and a machined aluminium pipe with a boss to fit the OE MAF.


The kit has been proven to reduce air intake temperatures by up to 15 degrees and improve induction noise.


Videos now available at the end of the gallery above.


We have just fitted one of these to our own Yaris GR and conducted some live intake-temp monitoring on track, and saw around 15 degrees celcius reduction in intake temps over standard, with definite increases in responsiveness and a freer-revving top end.



ITG Maxogen Cold Air Induction Kit