AST 5100 1-way Coilovers - Clio 3 RS

Car: Renault Clio 3 RS

Year: 2006-2011


  • Inverted strut design to cope with (heavy) side load and braking loads
  • 1-Way Adjustable, 12 clicks
  • Fully rebuildable
  • Height adjustable
  • Works with standard top mounts, optional camber adjustable top mounts available
  • Upgrades available
    • DLC coated shafts
    • Double digressive pistons



This kit will come with the recommended AST spring rates but custom spring rates are available - contact us to discuss your requirements.

Body needs to be modified to fit canisters.

There are two different designs for these top mounts depending on the date of manufacture of your car - select the right option from the drop down.

Optional adjustable top mounts are available - TMA-R03-A1-20F / TMA-R09-A1-20F (end of 2010 models).

Images may not be of this specific kit.



Product Manual

Setup Tips


Part Number(s)


ACT-R2002S (with TMA-R03-A1-20F top mounts)

ACT-R2010S (with TMA-R09-A1-20F top mounts for end of 2010 models)



Lead time for AST kits is typically 2-3 weeks if all parts are in stock and up to 6 weeks if parts are not in stock.

Contact us and we will advise you of the current lead times.

AST 5100 1-way Coilovers - Clio 3 RS