Porsche 911 996


We have extensive experience with the Porsche 996 & 997 platform. String Theory's own 996 Turbo has been used over the years to develop and understand the chassis capabilities and limitations, allowing us to offer you the very best for your car!


KW have a cast iron reputation in the aftermarket suspension world. With their fantastic Inox-Line stainless steel construction they provide a long lasting, reliable product.

KW offer a wide range of options from mild upgrade to full on race car level products, regardless of your requirements they're likely to offer a reliable, trustworthy solution.

Öhlins are world famous for their superb shock absorber technology.


Öhlins  Road & Track suspension kits are a zero compromise upgrade ideally suited for almost any performance application. Featuring superb body control and fantastic ride comfort, they fill the gap between a fast road car and track day car perfectly. The off-the-shelf kits match the product name perfectly, suiting both road and track.

Öhlins TTX suspension kits offer full on motorsport damper technology and performance for road car applications. As found on many purpose built racing cars, these kits transform your vehicles performance and are specifically designed with on-circuit performance in mind. However, due to Öhlins superb engineering, on road performance is still surprisingly refined.